Hi! This is Ruut Joensuu, a designer and an illustrator based in Helsinki.


Recent works

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I had the pleasure to design a summery flower print for Nanso, called Maruna. 


Maruna gets its inspiration from the short, yet most beautiful Nordic summer.    

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Konto manufactures layered blanket -, layered board – and shape pressed products that are used mainly for acoustic purposes.

I had the pleasure to design eight different print for the acoustic panels.  


Beana - Print design

Beana is a new sustainable pet apparel shop. They're known for their bold quality design and wonderfully exciting prints.

I designed a print called Pina for Beana. A fun and lively pineapple print with a lot of details, yet made with rough brush strokes. Something so familiar, yet so exotic.

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A Finnish fabric company, that sells different fabrics to both decoration purposes as well as for clothing. 

I designed a print called "Ketunpoika" for Eurokangas. It's a playful fox print that got its inspiration from a walk in the forest with my dog. 

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KY - Art Director

KY is an Aalto University business school student organization. My work as an art director included for example designing layouts and illustrations for the student magazine called Kylteri as well as designing different social media templates for various occasions. 

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